1. Meta Moment(s) of My Day:

    1) While on a date last night, the guy introduces me to his friend by saying that I’m one of BuzzFeed’s top 90 tumblrs. (Information that I never remember telling him.)

    2) Sitting in on a social media presentation with an Obama election campaign staffer and seeing “(source: imwithkanye)” at the bottom of the image on the first slide because they are talking about Apsies' campaign to get Barack to follow her on Tumblr. (My giggling forced me to reveal my site to my coworkers in the room.)

    This site is getting legs of it’s own y’all. I need to put this Tumblr in reverse and drive on over to Dionne Warwick’s house. 


  1. mar-see-ah said: just tell everyone to read me instead, because what’s more awesome than pictures of dogs and alcohol? KIDDING MISS YOU S, DRINKS SOON?
  2. burbanked said: You’re a superstar. That’s what you are.
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