The recent release of the Prometheus teaser trailer reminded me of how many teasers that were strikingly similar to the Inception trailer (from way back in 2009). Let’s call it the “BRRRRAAAAAWWRWRRRMRMRMMMMM" effect. Here are a few previews that sonically identified with Inception in 2011… 

    (Side note: Add this trend to the ‘Out’ #List2012.)

    1. Prometheus


    2. The Dark Knight Rises

    Inception Rating: BRRR (mainly for the cast)

    3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    Inception Rating: BRRRRAAAAAW 

    4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Inception Rating: BRRRRAAAAAWWRWRRR 


  1. smoonie said: I like to believe the effect is derived from the “Law&Order” segway noise. A loud ‘shocking’ noise.
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    Folks are using the hell out of them slowed up horns.
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