Faces of #OcuppyWallStreet

Peter Lener

Occupation: Retired physician’s assistant
Age: 71 

I just feel that I can act as a peace moderator among any kind of conflict … The economic issues are beyond me; the only thing I know is they’re dancing a jig on the backs of our children.

Dylan Novack

Occupation: Unemployed
Age: 18

We occupy for accountability of those criminals on Wall Street. We occupy for revolution. 

Debra Goodman

Occupation: Cancer survivor
Age: 50

I’m very disappointed with the culture we Americans have developed. I want to try to make some positive change so my dear goddaughter can live in a better, sustainable world.


Occupation: Fair-trade activist
Age: 24

Our current economic and financial situation is unjust and unfair. The movement itself is a platform to list individual grievances. It’s become a mainstream movement because so many people can identify what’s wrong with our system.

Donna Baldwin 

Occupation: Retired ballerina
Age: 66

Everyone is hurting. We need to have hope for the future.

Ed Morris

Occupation: Philosopher-writer
Age: 70

Our country has been so numb and so cruel and it’s great that people are waking up.

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